Oh hail the Queen, Your majesty!
Oh hail the Queen, Your majesty!
The Queen is coming out from the palace
How good-looking the Queen is with a veil on her face!
Whenever the Queen rises all the face of the earth is glitzy
Always the Queen shines bright with glamour
All the faces and knees will prostrate including the stars
All the stars in the sky reflects the light of the Queen
She owns the night, universe as the lesser luminary
Without you, Queen, Life under the skies will cease
With your power, life under the skies comes to existence
You never took our lives, your rulership is at ease
Your power reaches and stabilizes the oceans
Our life depends on you, without you we’ll perish
Our lives are sustained by you because of that we relish,
Queen of the night you’ll never vanish
How many queens ever perished just many
You’re the outstanding one amongst them all
You caught our eyes whenever you shine so bright
Through the vast dark we embark with aid of your light.
With these words I don’t mean to worship you, Queen
Pagans, they worship you but you never admonish that
Queen of the night in your heart you’re just a creation
You yourself as well you praise and convey glory to our Creator
You’re just like our mentor to inspire, convince us about our Creator
His powerful celestial light in the darkness and his eternity
Your eternity has a start but His eternity is ever infinity
Queen, I merely admire the awe-inspiring work you have done
When you fully and brightly shine you’ll give us rain
With your aid we can identify years, times and seasons
You don’t forsake to spot the crucial night of Nissan 14
And you ensure for planet earth that nothing can shake it
That’s why those who familiar with your duty won’t fail
And we have this promise pertaining the future global peace
“And peace will abound until the moon is no more.”
For sure this is figurative speech because you’ll be ever more
No one doubts that you reign with peace ever since
We heard rumors that they tried to cast you off the throne
They even tried to visit you just to study your biography
Deu is the one who invented you he’s a Master of geography
Whatever human effort to cast you down won’t prevail
Because you’ll forever possess the night as a Queen
And you’re the lesser luminary for dominating the night
Queen of the night you prove faithful to your assignment
Through you Queen we see his [Jehovah] invincible light
Queen of the night!