Tltl!! Look at you, mnxaa
It’s like we knew each other for years
But we only met for a year
You treat me like I’m your King that’s why
I’ll always treat you like my Queen
Not a princess ’cause I ain’t your prince
Your love brings fire into my heart
No wonder I usually have heartburn
You’re always on my mind because
My heart is with you, I think about it every second.

You’re the Queen of my heart, you’ve got a throne
You’re the one who’s in charge
I gave you the position hoping you
Wouldn’t play morabaraba with my heart
And also promise you won’t even play cards with it,
You won’t jump and reverse
I trust you.

You always stand by my side when I need you
I don’t see any reason for chewing and throwing you out of my mouth
Tltl!! I may seem like I’m dreaming but I ain’t no dreamer
I only chase my dreams and paper not girls
So I ain’t dreaming what I’m expressing now is reality.

I cherish each and every moment with you before they can perish
I always create memories with you
Even if we are no longer together we’ll always have something together
You cannot erase good moments of life.

Whoa! Hold on right there
Look where we’re coming from
We’re in the middle of love ocean
Can you swim back
After all the love we’ve poured into each other’s hearts?
I’m sure if you go back alone you’re gonna drown
So let’s carry on with what we’re currently doing.