I will give away my life
I will denude the dunes
I will acquiesce in my torments as
prosperous panacea to be fed to the
riffraff tyrannised
I wish to instate love that can carry all
the politicians through a stroke in
the planet where birds sink into a song
their comrades once sang in the treetops
and certain birds frenetic to quest the song
released to simmer them down.
He too can cram more love here
He is a politician
Body attenuated with the maniacal mind,
Huge money heaped on his back
This is life and death
So we know the role of Almighty
He is the manager of this world,
In your house,
Sports, Pastime,
Praising etc.
Everything was there
When we returned to your house
We noticed that it wasn’t there
So we built a human tomb in a graveyard
Where birds are now higher singing,
and where we speak of things
Unheard, unreachable.