No one is an island
I am a woman without a compass so where do I land?
I had nobody to show me direction so I went the wrong way
Now I need to do my corrections
I’ve been waiting for a saviour but Barry Allen doesn’t mess with time no more
I’ve been wrong, I’ve been right
So maybe my purpose lies there in between
Between me and you
I wonder who God’s favourite is
My life is stuck and it feels like I’m drowning
And if yours is moving like it should then I guess you’re highly favoured

I am an unplanned child and I think that’s why my plans never work out
It’s the curse of always being cursed out
The doctor didn’t agree to let my mama have an abortion
And I really believe he was supposed to
‘cause I’m here not on purpose
I pose as a factory’s mistake
Don’t wait for me to function clearly
‘cause it’s clear they couldn’t sell me even at an auction
It’s time to take action but my actions don’t match my words
Word is I’m living life without a purpose
I’m just living to die, should I be dying to live?

I’m in search of my purpose, I gotta find my purpose
I think it left with my deadbeat dad
If you find him you’ll find me ‘cause I’m lost and unhappy
But if you find happiness and ask her to marry me
My life would be filled with excitement and meaning
If you find wealth and long health for me
Then you’d find a purposeful, peaceful and happy me