I know sometimes life is a lot and I know sometimes is a lot of the time.
I also know it’s a long time waiting for things to change.
I know most of your days are dark and your heart heavy.
I know the tears you cry at night.

I also know your tears during the day that couldn’t wait for night time.
I know the chests and the backs your tears have dripped down and drenched.
I also know your river of prayers that never got to feel
The sun on the skin and touch the heavens.

I know you cannot wait for the rain.
The rain to come down and soothe all the sores in your soul.
I know it’s hard and I know this because I am always with you.
I know this as I feel it too.
I know things will be soft too.

Soft like you like your breakfast eggs, leaving sunflowers all over the plate.
I know we laugh and dance, ewe, I said dance, me with all of my left feet and non-moves.
I don’t know when we’ll go to Paris and have those mocktails I don’t like but we will.
I will be around for your first adoption and welcome my grandbabies.
I will live and see everything you do.
I know I will be proud as I am today.
I know your heart and it’s just as beautiful too.
I will do all of my parts and I hope you will be here, standing with me.
PS, I love you kid.