You see tears
That I failed to cry.
You’d see the demons
That consumed my head.
I failed to free them.

Finally my heart will be revealed.
That still bleeds and bleeds.
You will see the face I failed to show back then.
You will be able to read a book
That you never wished to touch or read again.
‘Cause of all the failed promises.

I wished your heart were not made of stone.
So that my words couldn’t hurt you.
Hoped you were cold as ice.
Then maybe I would not be this lonely.

But you are only flesh and bones.
My words have left you bleeding.
You heart has been ripped apart.
It’s a wonder it’s still beating.
Of all the failed promises to fulfil.

I will fix the broken heart.
Somehow glued back together.
What we shared is in the past.
Time to write a brand new chapter.

You made up your mind.
Give me your final answer.
It may never feel the same.
It’ll bear this scar forever.
You have failed in your vain promises.

But I am not angry or bitter.
I’ll be strong, I’ll be alright.
Pity I can’t turn back the clock.
Though I am not hard as steel.
In time my heart will find peace…And heal in time.