Deep-rooted love installed by the originators
Of our common genes, respected members
Of our tribe, blood ties us
Economic wealth, higher education, dissimilar religions,
Facts foreign from family, splits unity and divides us

Family celebrations, aura is off, do I just feel out of place?
Blood thicker than water, when water’s transparent,
Fluid and calm, unrelated?
Petty gossip, money problems,
Experienced hell and high waters with immediates,
I can sense false vibes, no need to debate it

Maybe I’m just paranoid?
Affiliated through the love of our ancestors,
Our history thought, known, written,
Our unity is fond, deeper feelings for those
Not blood-linked unbreakable bond, self-made family
Family tree needs nurturing,
Say I’m at peace with everyone I know,
When I’m still at war with myself,
Unapproachability like toxic smoke in front of my lenses
Interrupting my ethical vision, moral clarity