Pride, a deadly disease
Oh how ease
A void digger, destroying goals
Creating obstacles in a slide
Pride, I had to pay the price,

Left me feeling empty, inferior and insecure
Pride left me self-Judgemental ,
Giving an appearance of being self-righteous
Pride you have elongate my progress,
Resulting in stress, giving me no rest

Pride you have stolen my peace of mind
Taking every piece of my happiness
Pride you have deprived me
Meaningful relationships
Pride you made me put up defences,
Denied me redemption

When you approached me you promised,
A better life
No pain, a remedy to cure my wounds
You never… never blocked the pain

Instead you left me cynical and sceptical
I got married to your cloak of invisibility
It was meant to cover me up,
Instead you singled me out
I stand out

Didn’t you promise me your association will curb frustrations
Yet it highlighted resentments
Yet it left me stubborn to forgive, forget
You have left me living in the memory of ,
Who I was, am and intend to be

Shame on me
Shame on you for leading me on
M afraid I had kept your company this long,
Our journey ends here.