Pretty eyes don’t lie
Pretty smile so bright
Pretty Brown skin so soft
Pretty girl please be mine
Pretty natural hair you’re in touch
With your roots
Pretty vocals I could Listen
To you sing me lullabies all night
Pretty laugh so infectious

Pretty long legs
Please don’t hide them with your jeans
Pretty please don’t be scared
To show your insecurities
Pretty little heart
I know you have a giving heart
Pretty and smart
You’re always actively trying to improve lives

I’d draw pretty skies
When you’re feeling blue, you got
Fluffy eyes like the clouds
You’re aesthetic, your ex is so pathetic
How did she let you walk out
Knowing you were not planning to come back?
She fumbled your heart
But why do I mumble around you?

My knees hurt ‘cause every night
I used to pray for someone like you
Now that you’re here I’m like
Why can’t I dig up the courage
And encourage you to see my heart?
I’ll be yours in a heartbeat
Just let me know where your heart is

Pretty, she’s so pretty
Pretty…she’s just so pretty