Pretended love

I seek
You smile with no feelings,
yet you destroy and pin it on love.
Love is painful and you try to
justify your inflicted pain on me.
Looking me in the eyes
and talking in the absence of love.

Your scars go deeper than any sea.
I float my heart to the shore.
I try to salvage the pieces you broke,
putting together a future

When I turn my back you cook it
with your biter twisted-lies
I call upon your name,
you grin with absolute coldness.
Yet you shield yourself with the word love
Hate, love is it what we have become?

I lay my eyes on you, red is displayed.
Is my heart pumping love
or going for the kill?

Let you decide fate
and rewrite our destiny family discard no
Love relationships go dry in the name of love
Slowly love retires being
overrated a new infant is given birth
with no love. Love being given
a new meaning you look on, on distance hills.
You share a smile, it bleeds.
Pretended love