I rewrote my stars,
For it to penetrate my heart.
It sinks and heats up my body
Like a fool I’m smiling,
Even gold itself is nothing compared to it.
It flows gently and I can feel its arrival,
It’s so powerful and strong.
Like a lion in the jungle it rules!

It battles and wins,
Nothing can destroy something
With a mother’s heart,
Its presence conquers all,
Happiness depends on it!
Sadness relies on it!

Nothing compares to this mysterious feeling,
It connects people,
It also connected me with my soulmate!
Unfortunately it can’t be bought,
It’s never up for sale!
When you feel it,
You need to embrace it.
There’s no amount of money that can buy it.

Time and time again,
I had to pinch myself
When this feeling found me again!
Dreams came true,
I want to feel like this forever!
I want the feeling to be eternal!
Kind of feeling people write novels about
Has finally found me!
If this is a dream let me take a nap!
I want to feel like this forever!