If there’s one thing I’m tired of, it’s living.
My patience is slowly wearing thin.
My heart is breaking, slowly but surely.
These fake smiles that I hold dear to my heart
are the reason my jaw is painful.

Would it make me a bad person
if I took those pills?
I wanna meet my maker,
what better time than the present?
I’ll probably cut these wrists for the last time
before I depart, just to show God my homemade tats.
Does it make me a bad person
that I wanna be heartless?
Rather act like I don’t have a heart
than get my heart broken.

By cutting these wrists,
I swear I’m not trying to die.
I just wanna see what my wrists will look like
with the blade marks on them.
Homemade tats are said to be the best
as they hold dear memories.
My jaw will finally stop suffering
as it will rest in peace.

I finally realised that it wouldn’t make me a bad person
taking those pills after all.
So this is me sleeping, for good.