You’re great and gracious.
You’re high above.
You ask your angels to look after me.
You keep your promises.
You listen to my prayers.
What I ask you Lord.
You give to me.
You listen to every word I say.
When I say “Thank you Lord”,
You listen and tell me it’s a pleasure.
Your name is so mighty.
And you are so wonderful.
You listen to my prayers.
You look deep into my heart.
You remind me every day that I am worth living.
You remind me that there is so much more to life than this.
You tell that you love and care for me.
You do what I ask you Lord at your time.
You show me the way.
You guide me always.
Lord I thank you for every breath you give me.
For the good things and bad things as well.
Because I know they make me strong.
This is my prayer of asking and thanks to you Lord.