We grew up with the saying ” education is the key to success”.
But where is the success now that we have our keys in the hands?
Even now we are a laughing stalk to our friends.
Homework, classes works, projects, assignments and examinations all seen useless.
I remember being told that once u got a degree on your hands , the joy I’d bring would be priceless.

12 years years of studying so that we would to tertiary.
Sleepless nights of perusal in order to qualify for a bursary.
With all the hope that you will get a better job and one day at at home you will bring groceries.
All we have are our certificates seating there like trumpery

A prayer of unemployed graduates.
With all the hope that one day we will unite like aggregates.
Speak with one voice like the comrades.
And we will be heard by the governance.