Poverty I have had enough of you
Please untie me from your hunger,
I want to be free from you
Like a bird
Poverty release my soul
From your house,
I yearn to see the stars, the moon and the sun
Poverty you robbed me of so many souls on earth,
My friends,
My family,
And my neighbours,
Why do you hate me so much?
What have I done to you that is so bad?
What have I done to deserve you?
Poverty I beg you to release my holy spirit from your cruel world, I have so much to live for
My world needs me to fight for their rights
Poverty you held me a hostage
For too long, please allow me to
Finish my studies
Bring a smile upon my mother,
Who gave birth to me
With God by my side
You are definitely going down,
You will taste your own medicine,
The dust you fed me since I was born
Poverty I swear I will kill you with my bachelors’ degree,
Buy you a coffin with my honours
And barrier you with my masters degree in political science.