I sit idly
Subdued in my bitter-sweet reverie
Thoughts of you invading my mind
So kind-
Yet bitter, for you are not here
You, the one I hold dear

I sit
In the world absent
Very close to insanity
Of love filled to capacity
Of hate having immunity

I stare
Though every sight blur,
But of your presence and existence-
Is indeed prominent
Only pained that its phantom
Nothing more than just an emblem

I am all smiles
The marriage of my lips
Suddenly divorced-
By your perennial image in my mind
Passersby do stare
But I don’t have a care
I’m certainly crazy!
About you dear Swazi
My mind often a hive of activity
With thoughts far beyond simplicity
Not conjured-
But none the less taking over my mind

Love is like a powerful sword
If in the hands of a coward
Remote is battle victory
But in the hands of a brave fighter
He is highly likely to prosper

Let’s transform our love into that sword
By which when moving forward-
To make our promenade smooth
We cut every emerging threat
Then our love will be bound for conquest

Let’s form it into a shield
Which when lambasted,
By constant threats,
And never ceasing attacks
Never dares to yield
But remains strong and bold