I was a follower of Jesus but did not fully dedicate myself to it.
I was the bad one among the twelve chosen apostles.
I loved money with a passion,
I used to steal money from our group money box
(as I was the money keeper and it was always in my care).
But my downfall hit me ‘smack!’ in the face
(Matt 27:3-5) when I betrayed my Master with a kiss on the cheek
for thirty shiny (and I must add ‘tempting’) silver coins.
I thought it would be a short punishment,
maybe a whiplash (or two) but not condemnation.
The thirty shiny silver coins don’t mean anything to me now.
I tried by all means to right my wrongs
and I wish I could turn back time.
I even repented
but to no avail.
My Master would be killed, all thanks to me
So I resolved to do the one thing I knew was wrong … SUICIDE.
I hanged myself.
And I have no hope that I will reign
with Christ on His second coming.