God hear our cry
You are, after all, our only Father.
Mother Earth has become a cruel, wicked witch
She has cursed all that she bears.
There are times I think she has gone insane.

A fugitive thief stole our King’s crown
And is wearing it upside down, inside out.
We therefore suffer the consequences
Of being ruled by a foreign king.
Sinning is inevitable in this
Harsh world that’s hot like Hell.
It’s no wonder our lives are a living hell.

Respect and dignity have long gone.
Humanity and humour amoungst humans
Are slowly fading away.
Love and kindness are things of the past.
Life on its own is tense,
Even pretending to laugh
Has become tough and we’ve heard enough.
Everything righteous and right
Seems to be outdated.

We ask you to quench our thirst for freedom
We pray the rain washes away our sins
And blesses our sons
Who are born sinners.
We also thank you for our daughters,
Who are born singers
In times of trouble
And in the midst of terrible things,
Their voices comfort our mood.
May you relinquish us from this life
That feels like a false religion and…

Dear good God
May your heart hear our cry.
May our prayers be a priority to your ears.
May our blind eyes be opened to the life
You intended for all of us
Who are your living image.
May our years from here on forth be blessed
With your spirit and we pray,
Oh Lord, that it heals our souls.

Nightfall is bound to come soon
May you see us through the shining moon
That glows in the dark,
Without your presence we are in no luck.
May you protect us from our nightmares.
And by the time daylight comes to our rescue
May you have heard and answered our prayers.