Poetry, poetry
You are my close friend
One I can tell everything
In my own style

I may not be perfect
I give it my all
I will reach where I want to go one day
No one will believe

Poetry you are always there for me
Sometimes I write
I go to my own room
Knowing that tears will come out anytime soon

Poetry, poetry
People may judge
People may badmouth
People may tease

Do not back out
Focus on what you love on what you need
The power of poetry is bigger than you think

We don’t choose to write
Knowing that we don’t like it
We write knowing that
It’s the other way to express
Our feelings

I may not be perfect in writing
But I believe in myself
I believe in poets
They give me the strength

The power
The energy
The feeling
They give me all

They encourage me
They convince me
They guide me
For I will never give up

I am young
For in grade 7
Every year I read books
It gives more knowledge

I will not give up on poetry
No matter what
I don’t want to prove anyone wrong
Or make anyone choose to be a poet

Everyone must choose what they love
I love poetry
I know

I will not give up I know
If someone doesn’t believe you
Don’t prove them wrong
There is someone who believes you