Salt poured in my crawling heart,
Acid eating me slowly and painfully,
I feel what they feel,
Same pain leaves me hurt,
Poetry is my life.

A movie started in writing,
Writing motivates singing,
So I sing the story,
Story of those scared of what is scary,
Poetry is my life,

The people I know,
The stories once told,
Those emotions untold,
I know,
Poetry is my life

Happiness comes with a price,
Most pay for a part of a slice,
Watch as I tell what I had to walk through,
Writing is not tough,
Poetry is my life

I grew up in South Africa,
Where a dream come true is in America,
But enough of the dreaming,
Birth and death ends with the screaming,
Poetry is my life

Every heart belongs to a poet,
Pain and happiness worth writing a poem,
I met the requirements of being a poet,
This is my poem
Poetry is my life.