Sorry for my lack of affection
I guess as a child I never got attention
But if you could see my deep desperation
You would see also for you, my true intention.

Lately in my God conversations,
You’re the only one I always mention
It seems your name I’ve come to adore and worship
Having met you has brought along some personal revelations
Upon realization, I now know that you are my salvation.

To think I wasn’t even aware that I needed redemption
I thought you were the temptation
So I resisted in firm hesitation

But you never wavered or lost patience
Therefore, I have for you complete admiration
I’m learning to express more of my appreciation.

I told myself never to forget past lessons
After being abused more than one’s imagination
I usually don’t share my pains’ vivid expression
But with you, I continuously experience true passion.

Since meeting you, my life has taken a full rotation
You’ve opened my heart dimension.
Therefore I’ve decided to give love a second probation
Basically giving my heart the direction of your location
Because You- Are- My- Everything- I-Wish- I-Could- Mention…

You are poetry in manifestation.