Black is beautiful,
but the pain of being Black
is never thought to be beautiful.
How many mothers must cry?
How many brothers must die?
Oh please, I can’t breathe,
give me air to breathe.
Your knee on my chest and neck,
is suffocating me to death.
We’re all equal before the law but
what happens when the law breaks the law?

My Black skin is nothing but a curse,
tell me if it isn’t so …
What is so beautiful about being Black?
When it’s one of us …
they always use justifications.

We want peace equally
Something even our forefathers hoped for …
Only they played
betrayal not far from Judas.

Who told you Black is useless?
Who told you Black is worthless?
Who told you Black is just nothing?
Who told you Black is not clever or smart?

The realization of what Black
is capable of, is closer.
Just like a knock on the door
Guess who’s there?
Like a tortoise I never look where I’m coming from,
but surely where I’m heading to.

Black is beautiful.
Why harm what’s beautiful if you care.
Black is love, but they have something
against us for some reason.
They enjoy killing the innocent souls,
Did they forget we’re all humans?
They said it’s a sacrifice when justifying it.
Who said Black should be the sacrifice?

#Black Lives Matter