You define my joy
And I am connected to you with my veins.
Everything that you do interacts with my soul
Hence you’re my soulmate.
Your presence mends me to your side of warmth, and happiness truncates time.
Everything about you is just as sharp as a blade.
Your quality of attraction is as powerful as a magnet.
Your sheeny knocks down a weak man from afar.
You’re physically wonderful, and Platonic.
Neo entle thee is affable as my shadow.
You take me places by thoughts and never leave me to dolorous Islands.
Bellicose moments we may encounter but our strong love conquers us and brings peace.
Everything about you is as pure as gold.
Wherever you touch there is life.
Our shadows may sunder, but our love shall forever stick together.
Your beauty melts my body temperature and simultaneously your smile boils up my felicity.
Your wellbeing lightens up my living dongas

What are you really?
Are you that beautiful angel in my everyday dreams?
OH NO! Noon vex my day and abase me down.
I fall for you the more I blink and see you in my visions.
My love for you is infinite.