I look and I see plenty of poverty
The rich are few but their wealth means prosperity
The poor are many who reside under barbarity
How can this be normality?
Some overindulge in extravagant shopping sprees
Others cannot afford a single, small, salvaged pea
This is the sad sullen state of humanity
I have seen little children begging and pleading at the side of the street for a one rand?
Or maybe a two rand?
Anything to eat?
In raggedy clothes, unkempt hair and absolutely bare feet
Poverty is something we can all defeat
If the well to do gifted the poor some charity
Pitiful and Penniless Poverty would indeed be a rarity
If we give a little more on someone in need
We will receive the bounty of beautiful and blessed deed
Let’s strive for an equal tomorrow and pray generosity mounts
Gift a gift, make a difference, every little bit counts
Ease the poor man’s burden in your own special way
Let’s establish a world, where every day is Mandela Day