UPhikiwe wami

I was so HAPPY when the doctor told me that I was pregnant
I felt so blessed and highly favoured
I told the person who impregnated me and all I got were painful words
Wangi biza ngawo wonke amagama
He told me that he was not the father of the bastard I was carrying
He said I should go and look for the father wale veza nhlebe engili thwele
I cried out loud
I cried and did not care what people would say
I then wiped my tears and touched my tummy and said
Inkosi izongilethala okuhle ngawe
I wanted him to be part of my child’s life
Instead he used me
I then realised that the more I
Force him the more I get hurt
I gave birth
Met the stranger
Met the angel and she brought joy to my heart
You are my blessing and you will always be IGUGULAMI