I refuse to bounce to the tune of a total stranger
One who’s light years from my past and present
Why should I conform to the dimensions of adversary speech?

Contort at the unspoken and spoken, yet my heart beats
God’s reasoning with my inner man, conscience speaking
Rewinding the truth that I’m a glory-destined being.

Why should I quake at a confederacy of ill wills?
Forensic experts with an audit trail of my liabilities
Who scorn and scoff at my lackluster balance sheet.

My cash flows from Providence with its incessant treasury
There is no hand to stay it, countless many witnessed
Faith and hope are my currency, thereby be liberty.

What I pray for will materialize to your shame
Delete your every doubt about this great man
Who is naught on account of your name game.

I refute and object to your measurements of my estate
I stand my ground that I am not your experiment
As my Father liveth be silent and witness my greatness.

Watch me blacken your horizons like a locust invasion
Overshadow you as I loom large, magnified and quantified
It’s an upgrade of me, minus codes of vengeance.