I am a teen
Like a tree I was born to grow
Like a river I was born to flow
Like a star I was born to shine
Somewhere somehow I am perfect

I was born with ambitions
But somewhere somehow I lost dedication
I was born with solutions
But I always seem to be the problem
I guess I’m not so perfect after all

Maybe I was born perfect
But in a too perfect world
Maybe I seek clarity
But in a very dark hole
I do want to be understood
But for that I am always misunderstood

It is not that I’m blind
It’s just that my peers seem to know the right direction
It is not that I’m disrespectful
It’s just that I’m too good to be wrong
It is not that I am dumb
It’s just that I am too scared to be smart

I want to listen
But the world has too many sounds
I want to fly
But my wings seem to be to small
I am a teen after all