You could have seen her eyes
Like two shooting stars
That grace our view every night.
Her royal presence gave my running heart a stun
The universe of my body had bumps
But this time they were goose.

What have I seen?
I just witnessed divinity
Been emotionally traveling
I guess I just reached the destiny.
I looked,
She looked
And our sights collided like mighty asteroids,
No planning nor thought was necessary,
Right there I know she was her,
Yes, her..
The lady that my heart sung to,
I like pears but she’s the apple of mine eye…

I was a hard spear
Until she shook me
And made a William out of me.
Now my tongue writes more than any pen,
I wouldn’t complain if
She be the book that would gladly receive my man-ink.

I’m out of words
But Ed Sheraan borrowed one