1. Depression is drowning in mockery in an unchanging situation.
2. A dead man is a fearful man for he knows not a second chance.
3. Nine months aged away and gave way for my birth on earth
4. A monster breastfeeds me, I see and taste abuse in the hands
of the one who brought me into this Devil infected soil.
5. The moon and stars reflect your sparkling beauty ,
darling bury your secrets in my chest and
I will tombstone them with discretion.
6. Racism is the son of stupidity, humanity is the mother of unity.
7. Your eyes mirror a heavenly sun rise, flies buzz in my stomach
when your soft lips make sweet my bitter day.
8. Little one, run to daddy my name is your name
by blood is your blood, we’re the same,
grow flood the world with our surname,
my love for you is too wild to tame.
9. The sun dawns darkness resumes the thrown
evil walks the streets, the civil scream help
but the world is deaf at night