As I inject this ink to the paper,
I am starting my new life.
As I am direct this pen to write,
I free myself and my soul.
As I stain the paper,
I erase negativity in my life,
as I am sign the dotted line,
I resign as your wife.
As I submit the papers,
I am born again.
freedom from your striking hand,
freedom from being a punching bag,
freedom from being called “skank”,
freedom from self-doubt because you always say I lack,
Freedom is calling,
my ears are hearing,
My heart is pumping,
and my legs are running.
Our past, I am forgetting,
new life, memories, I am
New people I’ll be meeting,
Parties, clubs that you forbade me
to go to, I am going,
Sun is shining,
Fresh breeze, I am inhaling,
Bad vibe, I am exhaling.