Being new in a strange place is like having a change of pace,
Like looking over your past days and seeing your future.
It’s like changing the colour of the sky
To see how the earth would look if it wasn’t blue
Like the girl with the broken heart.
Being new in a strange place can be pleasant as a raspberry tart
But scary as seeing a ghost
Being new in a strange place is a dream,
People seem attractive and once you get to know them, all that just fades,
And tears make you miss the past
To join all the dots, the longing is so deep
You can’t even control how you call the shots
Coz the smell of fear catches up with you
Being in a strange new place is unusual,
Insane, exciting, yet humbling
The important thing is to listen…
Never do the mumbling in between,
Never forget who you are
Peculiar or not…
Adaptation is the key to link the soul to the place