On Earth, I have been in for twain times ten if I am to say
Peace never clings to itself but to human race
Main men hang to it as if war dialogues never existed
Of high value it is
Yet no fiver reaches to fish it out once messed aside
That is uttered to be peace

Wanted by several
But found in few
Targeted to get hit by many
But mostly peace is missed

Creatures fall facewards in love
As to hang on to it
Deviously, serious notes of it lead to losses of it
At times in love, mankind bumps into it
At times in it, human species lets go of peace

If won and owned,
Smile fills and get feels of every lips
Broad muscles too, finds its way out from the hideout
Like a criminal,
Peace is the most wanted

It resembles an angel of death,
Yet in less figures a number talks about it
That is PEACE