In a flash I just become what I was once was.
A shadow which everyone ignores
Ignores that it’s there, it exists.
I feel like talking but I lost my voice in the process.
My life feels like a lie, how could I? Out of all the people in the world, me.
My walls have fallen, my heart was once soft but it’s now broken, amazing.
Counting the bad deeds I did over time, this is different.

I saw that monster all over again.
I thought it was buried so that it could never come back
But it came through me, of all people.
I am not cursed but I am a curse, there is no use in denying it.
The last straw.

I have destroyed my hopes and dreams just like that.
What happened to my rules and boundaries that I’ve drawn?
What happened to my promises I made so that I can be here today?
I am in a dark place where no light can ever exist.
I am where I am because of mistakes that could have been avoided.

All this cry could have been a tale but I made it true by believing and living it.
I blame myself for everything.
Everything is mine to blame.
Everything is done for good.
Past can’t change but a future can be shaped.