Though your touch may be imprisoned by COVID19,
And your skin a forbidden stretch of sky,
I will write my words in the wind
So that you may hear how much my fingertips still yearn to outline your smile in the moonlit sky,
Even though this distance has kept you at arms length,
Just beyond the embrace of your presence,
I will send you sentences so that you may see how my fingers still specifically remember holding your hand in the pouring rain.
And Even if your lips are trapped behind the seams and stitches of a mask,
And your kisses contained to the confines of solitude,
Know that I will post my paragraphs so that you may know I will never forget how much I miss the piece of your puzzle that still fits mine,
But for now,
I still love you enough to know that we should remain contained,
A safe soliloquy for now,
Until such a time that we know our silences will intertwine our bodies like the most intricate of dialogue any page has ever