I first set foot
Without knowing you
I came to you
But I was so unsure

Uncertain at that time
As another Angel waved us goodbye
I couldn’t understand
How life could be so cruel
That I was in a place
Of an Angel to whom I had to bid farewell

She passed on the torch to me
And I steadfastly took up the honour
Eager to please
Eager to appease
The loss that went before me

I carried on her torch
And made that class my own
I cemented my feet
Firmly on the ground
That class became my own
And so the next one too
Came along

And so I would carry on
Until my time would finally
Grind to a melancholic stop

How quickly time went by
So many people to whom I had to say goodbye
The Queen of Bontas left us
As well as the Angel whose fort I took over

Now it’s my time to say goodbye
Now it’s my time to take flight
I’ll try not to cry
As they wave me goodbye
As I know that Heaven’s eyes
Will be watching me from here on out
I’ll hold firmly as I take my final bow

I’m now
Passing the torch on
To the next who will follow on
May the light shine upon you all
May your smiles be forever more

Take flight dear Angel
May your journey be light
Thank you for your service to our learners
They will carry on your might

Au revoir!