Pardon me
for my ignorance,
or rather my negligence.
Nothing fascinates me no more.
I seem to protect my energy
more than the ones I love.
I know it’ll bring me no harm
but rather harmony.
one’s true enemy is the one
close to his heart,

Pass the light
to those who truly deserve one.
Like Jaylo Cossa –
I’ll forever embrace your existence
more than you embrace your scars.
I fed you so much hope
at least so you can cope
with a belly that is full
from carrying a life.
Someday you’ll birth
a genuine seed.
I hope he feeds
from your deeds
and not mine.
We both know why,

Pardon me
for my ignorance,
or rather my negligence
or perhaps my arrogance.
My ego can get the best of me.
I seem to turn a blind eye
to all those I’ve brought pain.
Being premature
doesn’t mean I have to act this immature,