He’s just a man we know
but his face is decorated with shame and his soul has felt more than pain, the society has dragged his heart in shame as if his flesh was pulled down by horses with chains.
the reason he’s there is because of his little beautiful baby girl, yet he lives in the dark but she is the only reason he still smiles through tears.
he doesn’t work yet he is there and he never left you like all other men who came into your life and left you with a broken heart on your knees.
yet you don’t appreciate him enough, as every time your friends visit and ask you about your man you reject him in front of your friends saying that he’s your garden boy, and you left him inside the house while uncle sipho comes to fetch you with his BMW and he’s left behind as he looks through the window in pain but smiles cause he has his little beautiful baby girl in his hands to look after (take care).
yes he wears old clothes not fashionable enough, with dirty shoes cause he doesn’t work yet every month he brings R500 for the baby but you still swear at him like a dog saying that he’s not man enough while a government grant gives you R350 a month and you appreciate it with smiles.
every night he sleeps with a painful heart, he has lost the value of his own soul as society has dragged his name in shame and you dragged his heart in pain.
yet he never left you like other men who left you in pain, as his little baby girl she’s the only hope in his life yet you never appreciated him as a man enough.
dear ladies/women let’s love our men even when they fail, sometimes appreciation is better than criticising, stop digging a grave in a heart of a living being, give them the value to love and smile rather than the reason to cry and hate.