I search for meaning in every action
Oppose every reason
Hoping that it couldn’t be
What I think it is
Whether it is or not the pain is unbearable

I read between the lines
Even if you not, I say you fighting for us
You truly believe you’re mine
Whether I am wrong or right
That comes with pain

Maybe it’s time to let go
Been holding on for too long saying NO
I’ve seen all the signs
Yet I’m holding on what was
That may never be, again
That’s pain

I forgot what it means to be happy
What it means to put yourself first
To protect your own feelings
And appreciate who you are
Pain doesn’t get much worse than that

I am sorry but I refuse to feel pain
I’m not longer giving you permission to inflict
One on me
You have been in control for too long
It’s about time I remove myself from pain

I am not letting u go
I am letting myself go
Go far away from you
To a place where I wouldn’t be reminded about what i have been through
Today “I stop loving you”