Once you’re under my grip, you’ll never find relief,
I’m the one responsible for your restless nights and grief.
I’m an immortal threat, whom you cannot defeat.
Seek and understand the true me,
only then, will you find true peace.

My gift to you today is sadness and sorrow.
My intention is to make you stronger tomorrow.
I will make you suffer, stumble and fall.
I will make you bend down on your knees and crawl.

Be warned, I can change you for better or worse.
You can perceive me as a blessing or curse.
I will haunt you, torment you and make you read a Bible verse.
Those who don’t heal from me, end up in a hearse.

Those who don’t accept me, become suicidal.
Day by day, popping pills as a means for survival.
Encased in misery, trapped in an endless cycle.
Their whole world changes upon my arrival.

I’m a malevolent force, beyond your control.
Until you’ve felt me, you can’t judge a torn soul.
Knowing and accepting me is the key to being free.
Because the greatest life lessons, are learned through me.

Understand me
Know me
Feel me

I am Pain