If your pain was in human form,
how do you imagine you would interact with it?
Would you sit down with it and have a talk?
Ask questions like:

How come you’re in my life?
What can I do to kill you?
How long are you gonna stay?
Is it necessary, though, to torment me?
How come you skipped people who have done worse than me?
Are you even real or do you only exist on my mind?
Would you please leave because right now I’m tired.
Right now I want to achieve this and that
to get there and there
but because you are here I feel paralyzed.
Yes, I have lived so many years with all kinds of feelings and thoughts and emotions
but none of them have been so terrible.
I won’t say I hate you because before
you have brought me to my senses.
Before, I learned a lot from you.
I’m done learning now.
I’ve lived so long with you, now its time to go.
You have become an unpleasant guest.
Since you’ve resided here, life is dull.

All these questions are expected and many more
But if I ever come in contact with pain in human form
I would kill it in the most gruesome way possible.
We’re not friends.