You’ll see her walking down the street
Makeup covering her face
Her kids have nothing to eat
Oh she’s such a disgrace!

A new kid ever year
The youngest is yet to talk
They don’t have clothes to wear
They are all born out of wedlock.

Why does she keep repeating the very same mistakes?
Why allow her children to suffer?
Why does she have to go through so many heartbreaks?
Can’t she see that life is getting tougher?

The kids don’t even know their fathers
Is this the life she wanted to live?
Why did she even fall for those creatures?
Probably this was her motive.

Carriage before marriage is wrong, you see…
They will use you, impregnate you, and leave you be…
They will act all innocent in front of your eyes
They will whisper all sweet things to you from thousand miles
You’ll be too blind to see that you’re captured in lies
From thousand miles now, they won’t hear your cries

You’ll have no one to talk to, the baby screaming all night long
You won’t know what to do, their screams will be your favourite song

He got what he wanted, and now he’s gone
Stop repeating the very same mistakes, and start moving on!