I felt my eyes pace around uncomfortably
This was sure one strange place
And the fact that this was my first encounter with it
Wasn’t making things any easier
I walked slowly towards the crowd
Feeling their eyes on me as though
They were telling me I’m new and unwelcomed

I was sure not in a position to flee
Trying to run away now would attract too much attention on me
And looking nervous was going to attract the predators
That were ready to attack the new prey I was

I’m from the hood, I told myself
Trying to gather enough courage to approach one of them
Their eyes looked so dark and dangerous
Their tattooed bodies made my body cringe
As the thought went through my mind
That they used needles to do all those decorations on their bodies
Oh, my goodness, I don’t belong here
I shouldn’t be here

Even these strange people see I’m not one of them
Even their eyes show they aren’t pleasant to by-passers
Their not-so-pleasant stares force me out
Of what I had initially thought I could learn to love
But truth is, I don’t belong here
I’m an outsider
I’m out of place