Am I still in love or I’m just scared of being alone?
When he touches me, I cringe;
The sparkles that I had in my eyes when I looked at him are gone;
All the years we spent together went down the drain.

The memories we created together still play in mind,
I still have the flashbacks of the pain he created in me;
The love I had was ruined because of his lies;
Looking at him make me wanna vomit, yet he’s my husband.

I knew no man before him,
He was my best friend, my brother and my lover;
He managed to destroy it all at once.
Will anyone ever love and accept me like he did?
That’s if he showed me what real love is.

I am always hoping that things will work out,
Yet the love I had is gone;
I don’t see myself being lonely or with another man;
Yet the one I have, is dead to me.

I forgave him for all the wrongs he did,
I hid all the scars he gave me,
Cleaned all the bruises he created,
He would still do it over and over again,
I forgave him till I ran out of love.

I fell out of love but Iā€™m scared of being alone.