Punished for the colour of my skin,
And that my hair is rich in eumelanin.
Told my birth is nothing but a sin,
Given a cold shoulder, shunned,
I’m no different to a rubbish bin.

Yet when we are calm our hearts beat 72 times a minute,
And at maturity we have 37 trillion cells for life
Only difference is… I’m black and not white.
Born into a bloodline where success is not rife,
Treated as something that’ll amount to nothing in life,
My bright future assassinated by a pure white knife,
Brain chained of its potential by chains of illiteracy
I raced against race and race won the race
This iron wall has become cancer,
Slowly internally eating away at humanity,
Peace and tranquillity.
Tortured by your shame-filled eyes,
Oh Lord, heavenly Father hear my cries,
Save me before my soul dies,
For I can only live with peace once there’s love.