Our generation is a generation like no other.
Where kids speak anyhow to their mothers.
A generation where being somebody else is cool.
And following rules makes you seem like a fool.

Where pain is hidden behind smiles.
Where people are cruel, not to mention their lies.
Living undercover and ruining their lives.
Where police are not protectors and they take bribes.

Where hurting one another is taken as light.
A generation where females aren’t respected.
Where foreigners aren’t befriended.
A generation of drug abusers, money misusers.
Where they kill for wealth. And destroy their health.

A generation full of teen parents.
And a million regrets.
Where not owning expensive clothing makes you seem like a joke.
Where nobody is woke, and they don’t seem to see some things are wrong.

A generation where we hurt others because we can’t control our insecurities.
And people don’t care about immoralities.
Where we can’t reason and settle for differences.
Chasing out and beating up refugees.

You chase her away because she isn’t ‘cool enough’ to join your group.
And then you judge her because you had KFC for dinner and she had soup.
A generation where pretence and being fake are trends.
And there are very few true friends.
My generation, our generation is definitely like no other.
Lord, do help us, because I know it will get harder.