I know you knew me before I was formed from my mother’s womb
You called me by Your name the moment I landed in the world
You said that I was Yours, You gave me a special gift inside of me
But I didn’t realise it until You brought me down on my knees to pray
And gave me words to say

I saw myself trudging through difficult trials and raging storms
It’s now that I got to know that You are sat high on your throne,
All dazzling and I’m here going through the most
I went and passed by the river…Little did I know
That it was the last time I would see her
I went on to see her in my dreams but still
You sat high on your throne all dazzling

I doubted You for some moments because I didn’t understand Your works
Then I realised that my problem was that I wanted to understand
When the aim is to believe and manifest
I went on with my life and I almost took my life
I don’t know what happened but it’s like my life was assigned for pain
It’s like I was predestined in accordance with pain
I was pain ‘cause pain was the only thing that kept reigning in my life
And so many times I called myself a goth
‘Cause that’s just how used to pain I got

I went on and on about my life but everything
Got worse in my life when I met two zero one five.
I thought he’d pass me by but he invited three
To have a feast in my womanhood
He sent out invitations, and announced that
When our event reached a part that
Ultimately doesn’t recognise itself, that’s when You strike
I looked up to the mountains and screamed ouch

And I remembered that You are there on Your golden throne all dazzling,
Looking at me and knowing very well what your intentions are,
And I went on to the mirror. They said Police and my mind said Mountains
For you said that we should lift up our eyes unto the mountains
Where our help cometh from
I was torn and I let it go because the mountains
I found peace in the mountains, found joy in the mountains
Where lived the Great One
Who created all things in the whole world

I couldn’t move, my legs were standing still
I felt like a fool for not fighting but I remembered up into the hills
Called for help…that’s when I heard you say
I make an oath, I’m always there
When you need a friend you’ll find my footprints in the sand
When you’re in the middle of the storm
I’m already there with you in times
Where you feel like you survived
That’s when I carried you
I’ll always carry you

I went on with my life
Learnt to walk in Your footsteps
I thought I knew You but reality states that I didn’t really know You
Knowing You meant touching the heavenly realms
And not giving in to fleshly desires
It meant seeing angels physically and feeling Your fresh outpouring
And when it came to that it meant real salvation

I knew it wasn’t for the faint hearted
When years went by and I met what pleased my heart
I loved Four because he gave me something
That I never got in the longest time
I loved Four with all my heart and I forgot the mountains.
After some few months I saw my stomach being different
And I remained content
Four was there for me and promised to seal it forever
I took it to my soul and believed him
After a few months my eyes lay on her tiny body
Tiny legs everything tiny and right about there I named her Goodness
I didn’t know why but I just did

Something sorted high watching me giving her a name
Knowing exactly that it’s going to reveal His goodness in my life
Four left after four months of Goodness
I was not myself ‘cause I loved Four with everything that I had.
I didn’t have the energy to look up to the mountains
I looked down, kept my head down. Little did I know that your
Leaving was making room for mountains
I was all alone with Goodness…he didn’t even warn me.
My body began to change and I prayed day in day out
But Four was gone, and really gone
I felt like I didn’t deserve to be alive
Couldn’t even go to the mirror that’s how bad I was…