A long time struggle,
You strangled me to a point where I was convinced of your convictions and that they hold weight,
Eight years and more I hid myself from the world,
I deprived myself of human interactions
Now I can’t seem to connect so I disconnect from the real world trying to make sense of this nonsense,
I love with intention but my intentions get lost in the tension that always seems to mention my insecurities.

I have never felt unconditional love
I guess that’s why I worry about the conditions that will appear after my appearance is apparent to my audience,
I always knew before it had a definition and it’s not my mission to be discreet with my descriptions
But I just wanna be able to get the message across that it’s okay to be you
Even when they say you’re sinning
Remember they hated jesus too cause they didn’t believe in who he said he was

I’m pleased to say I figured out what I couldn’t figure out
And in that I came out with the truth that was hidden in a rainbow closet,

I don’t wanna be held for ransom
I ran for some years denying my identity so this is my testimony,

I hope it will test your ability to show humility for I have humbled myself before your reading eyes And I say this is me and that the same gender love is my kind of love ,
See, you and I may have the same version when it comes to the definition of love
But maybe a different vision of the four letter word
But that doesn’t mean one is less and the other is more,
It just means I love differently and apparently I am now free from the expectations that wanna dictate my preference,

Don’t let this reference go over your head,
For it’s meant to depict a clear picture that doesn’t need any interpretation,
Without any hesitation I close this open letter.