Sometimes the people that are
the most beautiful to us are the most dangerous.
We fail to see through the rose-colored glasses.
They’re so intoxicating, reality becomes warped around them.
Logic ceases to exist.
And everything else doesn’t matter.
It’s nonsensical when you really think about it.
The way someone can come into you like that.
Inside your head.
Your body.
Your entire life.
Without you even realising.

I wish I was writing a lovely bubbly piece.
And please do not worry yourselves, I’m fine.
It’s these little 3am epiphanies that remind me that sometimes…
…just sometimes the love you want to convince yourself
is healthy because you ache for a sense of purpose
or validation or intimacy or whatever
Isn’t the best for you.
So yeah.
I just hope you remember to choose you.
Every single time.
You’re gonna mess up.
You’re gonna break your heart.
You’re gonna cry.
A lot.
But you get up, you choose you.
And you’ll be fine.

Because at 3am
When you’re up craving banana loaf with chocolate ice cream
And you feel your warm skin, hearing each breath you take
You’ll remember
“I chose me”
And honestly I hope it makes you smile as much as it does me.
(This took a completely different turn.
I hope this brings you a little bit of comfort reading)
With love

Your favourite waitress