When she tries to give me a smile, I laugh
When she tries to laugh with me, I laugh more
She gathers very pieces of my puzzled face
My soul feels strong again when I was weak

She came to sit next to me when I thought I was lonely
She gave me her shoulder to cry on
We cried together: my problems became our problems
Her perfume smelled so sweet, when she was comforting me
My thoughts ran so fast and she’s the one for me

My feelings became uncontrollable and untouchable
My heart sang a song of love in a silence
The unexpected moments when our eyes faced each other
Story of my life, so quick fallen for her with all my heart

Her name is Rose the beautiful flower from Eden Garden
If loving her was a music, I’d be the lyrics
If loving her was a jail, I’d always be her slave
If loving her was a poison, I’d die for her

Only her words make me change how I see myself
Her words are intelligence and her mind is so powerful
All my worries are gone and I see the bigger picture of the world
She showed me her universe and I showed her my world