Only God knows what the future holds,
It’s crazy what makes you mature,
I guess you gotta let nature take its course,
Only God knows why we never stayed in touch,
But I know it’s my heart that you touched.

Only God knows how my heart hit the floor when I got that call,
It’s your calls I’ll miss the most,
I couldn’t look inside your casket,
For fear the last image of you would be as a lifeless body,
I hope you forgave me for what seemed to be a horrible transgression,
I didn’t mean to show my aggression.

I hope you’re free from life’s expectations,
At peace, kicking it with your twin in the after-life,
I can’t believe I’ll never hear your voice again,
But I’ll always remember the times you sang,
With no care whether your voice was good or not,
No words could ever describe the feeling I get when I think about what we lost,
But I do wish I could’ve appreciated you more while I still could,
But only God knows why we do the things we do.

I remember the last day I saw you,
It’s insane to think it was our last year together,
But most importantly the last Christmas meal cooked by your magic hands,
I can’t go back home cause everything reminds me of you,
I can’t think about December without feeling a deep cut in my stomach,
Only God knows what will become of the affected,
Only God knows why it hurts this bad to think about the baby that is left without a mom.

I wish I could wake up and it’s all a dream,
I wish I could trade places with you, so you could see your daughter grow,
But I know when death knocks it doesn’t matter if you’re ready or home,
It just takes without asking questions,
Who will comfort the ones who are left to pick up the pieces of broken hearts?

Only God knows where all our stories end.
I’ll forever cry about your story being cut short.